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What Our Customers Say

Andy has amazing talent!  He created such a wonderful portrait of us it was something totally unique and special and unlike anything else we had seen!

- Rudy K.

Andy created amazing portraits of my daughter for her graduation announcement. I had no idea the cool things that could be done and in the end, we got portraits and an invitation that was completely different from all of my daughter's friends. Not only were the invitations he made loved by everyone, the prints that we now have are the envy of everyone we know!

- Candi L.

Dance Art Portrait
Engagement Couple Portrait

Our portraits turned out amazing! We are so happy with how they look and all of our friends and family tell us how beautiful they are. Andy was great and was very helpful in directing us and making us feel comfortable with getting portraits done. We recommend him to everyone we know who needs portraits done!

- Jazmine R

So, not long ago, Andy Knapik posted in Tucson Cosplayer's Network asking for a few locals who cosplayed something and wanted to go get some pictures taken. I went ahead and said I had a drow if he wanted it, and we set up a date. 
Fast forward to Wednesday this week, and I got to meet two gentlemen who even came out to walk me to the studio so I wasn't walking around in the parking lot lost and sketchy. (that was really seriously appreciated lol)
I had an absolute blast talking with these two. We had a great conversation about art, photography, storytelling and the character that is Nath, business, and a whole lot of other things. They were fun, made it extremely difficult to be serious, and definitely made me feel welcome. I sincerely hope to work with them again for whatever reason, and Andy takes some excellent photos!
They were a lot of fun and if anyone in Tucson gets a chance to work with them, such as if they post looking for cosplayers again, I definitely would get back on that and recommend others.
Hope to do something again!

- Skye

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures leave us speechless. If you’re looking for a professional, experienced photographer with an eye for detail and the ability to capture the emotion and spontaneity of an event, I would 100% recommend Andy from the outset, Andy was the epitome of professionalism!! 

- Jody K.

Tucson wedding portrait
Phoenix fashion
Andy is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is an amazing photographer and was very helpful in making the process fun and easy. I'm so glad I did this!
- Mira M.

Andy is truly an expert at his photography and how easily he works with people, I was so pleased with how well he directed me to the best pose and made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the highest quality portraits.

- Naomi C.

Bridal Portrait Phoenix
Fire Portrait

Andy did such a wonderful job with my daughter's photos. He is a super cool guy and the ultimate of professionalism. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the BEST portrait photography! 

- Eugene D.

I've worked with Andy for almost a couple of years now and every time we've had a shoot, it's been a great experience. He's always been curious about subjects he hasn't learned about so that way the shoots can be fun and respectful to the source materials. He's willing to throw around ideas for some fun images and does an amazing job on the post-production of the images.

I've been very lucky to have shot with him and I hope it continues on into the future!

- David V.

Percy Cosplay Portrait
Group Portrait

We have worked with Immortal Concepts numerous times over the past couple of years. Not only is Andy very personable and creative, but he is also extremely professional and accomplished. His work is incredible. The photography is top-notch and the artwork is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Immortal Concepts!

- Tony L.

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