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New book showcasing everyday cosplayers in unique and striking concept art launches on Kickstarter

Tucson, Arizona, October 7, 2018

For Immediate Release

Today the book, The Art of Cosplay launches on Kickstarter. Lavishly illustrated in full color, The Art of Cosplay is a book that celebrates real cosplayers and their craft by featuring them in unique and character specific pieces of art.

Link to Kickstarter Campaign:

The Art of Cosplay is believed to be unique in that it takes everyday cosplayers and showcases them in character and genre specific pieces of art than everyone can appreciate.

Andy Knapik, owner of Immortal Concepts Studios explains:

“When I first discovered cosplayers I was completely astonished by the quality of the costumes that they wore. As I got to know them more, I became even more amazed because I started to see the amount of passion and work that went into creating these cosplays. Then when I observed that really most of the pictures that I saw of cosplayers was simple shots taken in a hallway or floor of a convention, I realized that I should really be working with these folks and creating some really cool imagery. So, after two years (and still going) of collaborating with these cosplayers I am now placing these images into a book that I feel will be a great way to celebrate the awesome work that these cosplayers do by showcasing them in some cool concept art.

I have been so impressed with the level of commitment that cosplayers apply to their craft that I feel it needs to be celebrated. I hope to do this by creating art that showcases the distinct personalities of the cosplayers, the characters they portray and the dedication and detail that goes into their cosplays.”

Who is this book for? Well, certainly cosplayers or anyone who enjoys cosplay will enjoy this book. But equally as much would be anybody who enjoys art, and more specifically art based upon the characters and genres that cosplay encompasses. Individuals who enjoy comic books, anime, science fiction, fantasy, super heroes, video games or really even just art in general will find it enjoyable.

In the end The Art of Cosplay is not only a celebration of cosplayers and the work, passion and skill that they put into their cosplays, but it’s also a celebration of like-minded people coming together to create art that can be appreciated by everyone.

You can back The Art of Cosplay now on Kickstarter with multiple contributor levels that includes an exclusive pre-order of the book.


For more information on The Art of Cosplay, including high-resolution images and bio, visit the media page on the book website at

Media Contact: Andy Knapik,, 520-271-6403

Instagram: @immortaloncepts,

Facebook: Immortal Concepts Studios

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